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    Our Hold and Mold Collection is the ultimate for men's hair styling. Comb overs, Quiff hair dos have met their match. Now any man can have sexy hair. Swoop your pompadour, spike your crew cut, groom the top of your undercut, and get spiky mohawk style. Signature Texture provides the ultimate in  Men's Grooming Collection.
    HOLD iT! Matte Look
    HOLD iT! Matte Look From $ 12.99
    MOLD iT!  Dry Mud
    MOLD iT! Dry Mud From $ 12.99
    PASTE iT! Wet Look
    PASTE iT! Wet Look From $ 12.99
    SHINE iT! Wet Wax
    SHINE iT! Wet Wax From $ 12.99
    SMOOTH iT! Soft Wax
    SMOOTH iT! Soft Wax From $ 12.99
    SPIKE iT! Matte Look
    SPIKE iT! Matte Look From $ 12.99
    SPIKE iT! Shiny Look
    SPIKE iT! Shiny Look From $ 12.99
    STYLE iT! Play Clay
    STYLE iT! Play Clay From $ 12.99