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    Get the  KINKY-CURLY HAIR KIT  Now!        

    Scroll down for Step By Step Written Demo 




    Model with Type 3 hair will Demonstrate. How to smooth out type 4 hair. Please stay tune the process is still the same. 

    Step 1. Hydrating Glosser. Apply to wet hair then towel dry excess. It is used to hydrate, moisturize and add slip to the hair before adding the Curl Definer. Then use the Tangle Fix Brush do the SMOOTH OUT METHOD on damp hair. See SMOOTH OUT METHOD Below

    Step 2. Curl Definer. Apply to hair while it is still damp with Hydrating Glosser (Don't let Hydrating Glosser dry out of hair) Hair has to have slip so curl definer can glide on smoothly. Curl definer goes onto slippery hair well. But hair should not be dripping wet. 


     Note  (Hair should already have been Cleansed and Conditioned with no products in it) You may towel dry it. Its best to work in sections use clips to separate.

    SMOOTH OUT METHOD featuring the Tangle Fix Brush by Goody's 

     Use the Tangle Fix Brush to smooth the hair out. The Curl Definer works in a very unique way. When hair is rubbed or dragged along a smooth surface such as your fingers, palms, (or the rounded corner of this brush) the hair becomes smoother. It works particularly well when it is passed through the middle of 2 surfaces pressed tightly together. Since your body temperature is much higher than room temperature when the hair is passed between the middle of the fingers warmth is created and it instantly smooths the hair texture out.

    Get the  KINKY-CURLY HAIR KIT  Now!       


    Think of what happens when your hair is passed between the middle of a flat iron. It has 2 surfaces pressed together that both give off heat. Much higher than your body  temperature of course which is 98.6 degrees. The teeth of the Tangle Fix Brush works well to grip the hair, hold it taut and detangle it. When flat ironing highly textured hair it is useful to have a gadget that does all of the above so the flat iron can glide down the hair shaft for a smooth press. One gadget that comes to mind is a chase comb. 

    You will be using the Tangle Fix Brush as you chase comb and the warmth and grip between your fingers as a flat iron.

    The hair is pictured above without the curl definer in it. So you can see the difference between the hair with and without the product. 


    Get the  KINKY-CURLY HAIR KIT  Now!       


    1. Smooth the product into the hair with warmth of hands this  will moisturize and soften the hair
    2. Use Brush to grip the hair, hold the hair taut and pull down to straighten.                                            
    3. Keep the hair taut and gripped all the way to the ends, follow with closed fingers all the way to the tips(avoid frizzy ends)


    To ensure the hair is SMOOTHED OUT use your flat iron fingers over and over, hand over hand about 3 or 4 times. or until you are satisfied with the smoothness. Hair should look straight. 

    Braid or Twist the hair you desired size in the direction you want your curls to flow.  

    ***Optional Immediately Add the Hydrating Glosser after braiding or twisting the hair. To compensate for over applying Curl Definer. This will prevent the hair from being sticky or too weighed down. (The amount you need will vary from person to person) thin, fine hair may need less, while thicker courser hair textures may need more)

     Remove Braids or Twist when hair has completely dry. Air Dry or cold dry only from hooded dryer or blow dryer. Do not use artificial heat from a blow dryer, or any other device, with Curl Definer the hair will not smooth out and curls will not set. 




     Hair will have more volume if you used less Curl Definer and didn't smooth your hair out as much with flat iron fingers. (Remember to do hand over hand flat iron fingers to smooth hair out more) Hair will have less volume if you added more Curl Definer and used flat iron fingers repeatedly.

    Get the  KINKY-CURLY HAIR KIT  Now!